Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ask Dr Akilah - December 2011

Hello Everyone,

If you have a question for me please feel free to ask it here in the comment section and I'll answer it. I'll either answer behind your comment or start a new post with your question and my answer in it. So ask away!


  1. Dr Akilah is it true that Green Tea will help you lose weight? My cousin swears by it and she said that she lost 10lbs just by drinking the 5 cups throughout the day especially when she is hungry. She said that it's good as a meal replacement. It doesn't seem like enough for me. Can you please let me know what you think?


  2. If your cousin lost 10lbs I am positive it’s not from the effects of Green Tea. It sounds like she is using Green Tea to replace some of her meals. Therefore, she has decreased her caloric intake by 40 – 60%. That alone will encourage the body to drop pounds. She could replace each meal with a small chocolate shake and still get the same results. Is this healthy? Absolutely not and 99% of the time the weight will come back as soon as she starts eating regularly meals again.

    The reason why Green Tea is such a fade right now is because of the calorie-burning properties of EGCG that promotes increase thermogenesis. Greet Tea has EGCG in it. What the experts aren’t telling you is that there isn’t a substantial amout of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) to promote weight loss. People will start drinking it (and it does taste good) and notice that their extra pounds isn’t going any where. Will they stop? Of course not. Most people believe that drinking Green Tea is better than nothing. It’s like those people who go to McDonald’s and order one Big Mac, one cheeseburger, two Large Fries and a DIET COKE!

    Green Tea will not promote weight loss.

  3. Hey Doc! Marak here. Just got some bad news from physician today. I have been diagnosed with Osteopenia.
    I want to avoid medicaiton at all cost if possible. Do you think driking half a gallon or milk everyday will regenate my bone density? Which do you suggest............whole milk or skin milk?

  4. Is Apple Cedar Vinegar good for Arthritis?

  5. Osteopenia is just a precursor to osteoporosis but it doesn't mean you'll get osteoporosis so don't panic. Your bone density is just below normal and milk will not improve it. As a matter of fact it will make it worst. I am against milk from the cow. It's not meant for human consumption and it has never boost bone density levels. It does the opposite. Read more about that here

    If you want to improve the bone density in your body you can start by doing several things.
    1. Eat foods high in calcium and magnesium. Such as; dark leafy vegetables. Kale, turnip greens, broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbage are rich sources of calcium. fish, (such as salmon, sardines and mackere)l. The foods high in magnesium are: almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts are some good choices. Barley, quinoa and whole-wheat flour are others. Swiss chard, spinach and white and black beans

    2. Lift Weights. Research has shown that weight training improves bone density by 40%. Men and women who have started weight training in their 40's did not suffer from bone fractures or hip replacement surgery in their elder years.

    3. Take a natural Calcium/Magnesium supplement. Make sure the supplement is 2-part Calcium and 1 part Magnesium so that your body absorbs it effectively.

    4. Stop drinking Cow's Milk. (enough said)

    Do this for one year and you're bone density will be back to normal. Mark my words.

  6. Yes. People who have Arthritis have a large storage of acid in their muscles and joints. Too much acid can create acid crystals, which cause extreme pain, deformity and decreased movement. Apple Cider Vinegar is very alkalizing so this will definitely help when taken internally.

    For the average person I would suggest taking 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, one teaspoon or honey, mix into an 8ox glass of filtered water and drink daily.

  7. My child has a bad case of ADD and it seems to be getting worst. What do you think bout putting him on a mild dosage of ritalin? Or keeping him on a regular dosage until they find a cure?

  8. Hi Peggy, I'm a naturopathic doctor so I am not a fan of "doping" your child on harmful drugs (medications). If your child is suffering from ADD it's diet related. I suggest you take your child to the nearest Naturopathic Doctor for an herbal and food regimen to cure him or her of ADD. If there is none in your area then feel free to contact my office to set up either a phone or online consultation. Our office number is 770-603-0141